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Karl Rove: Next GOP Presidential Nominee Could Support Gay Marriage

Republican kingmaker Karl Rove has been under fire over the past few weeks for saying things that have angered hardcore Conservatives. Chances are, he probably didn’t win himself many new fans on that end of the spectrum with his appearance today on ABC’s This Week.

In the midst of a panel discussion regarding the Supreme Court’s hearing on a challenge to California’s Proposition 8, host George Stephanopoulos posed this question to Rove: “Can you imagine the next presidential campaign a Republican candidate saying flat out ‘I am for gay marriage,’?”

“I could,” Rove replied.

When pressed on how he believed the Supreme Court would rule, Rove said that he thought it would attempt to avoid doing with this matter what was previously done with abortion. He believes that the powers that be will do everything they can to leave this up to the individual states.

He added: “What we may see is a decision here that in essence has, not a 5-4 decision, but a 6-3, 7-2, that says leave it up to the states, in fact we could see an 8-1.”

(Mediaite, ABC)


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