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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Gets A Tip From A Local Waitress (Photos)

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A photo of a restaurant bill for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback went viral for the blunt message the waitress left in the tip line.

Chloe Hough, a server at Boss Hawg’s Barbecue in Topeka, Kansas, posted a photo of the credit card receipt for Brownback’s meal at the restaurant, with the tip line crossed out and a message beside it that read, “tip the schools.”

“It was my last shift at the restaurant as I had quit so it worked out nicely,” Hough said. The waitress said she was compelled to leave the message because of her opposition to Brownback’s education budget cuts as a result of tax cuts implemented in 2012 and 2013.

Brownback received widespread criticism for the cuts, and despite a state district court ruling that the Governor might be violating the Kansas constitution by providing “inadequate” funding for schools, he proposed a cut of $44.5 million in education funding earlier this year. Brownback also converted education funding in the state to a “block grant” program – which, according to the Huffington Post, “freezes funding levels for two years."

“The way I understand it, 0% of Kansas educators voted in favor of it,” Hough said of the block grant program. “He and his followers are robbing Kansas of equal opportunity.”

Hough’s post quickly went viral after it was originally shared, garnering support from those across the country who opposed Brownback’s cuts.

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“I just knew I had to say something or I would regret it,” Hough said.

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