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Kansas Voters Re-Elect Governor Who Lost Them $1 Billion In Revenue

According to The Kansas City Star, "Kansas will collect $1 billion less in revenue in 2015 and 2016 than its projected expenses following massive income tax cuts signed into law by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback."

Yes, that man has been re-elected with 49.7 percent of Kansas voters approving.

He campaigned on the same policies that lost Kansas a $700-million surplus that turned into a $300-million deficit in one term as governor.

The new revenue estimates released Monday revealed that Kansas would burn through about $380 million in reserves and still need to cut $280 million to balance its current budget for fiscal year 2015, which ends next June 30.

The problem will continue in 2016 when revenues are projected to run $436 million short of expenditures, the estimates show.

These cuts are projected to go straight to public services, including education.

Brownback thought his individual tax cuts would bring more jobs and thus more state revenue. That is the last thing that happened.

Bill Maher pokes fun at how stupid Kansas voters would be to re-elect this man, saying, "Brownback's experiment was such a colossal failure that in a state that hasn't voted for a Democratic senator since the outhouse moved indoors, over 100 former Republican officials in Kansas endorsed the Democrat."

Maher points out that the Kansas voters were distracted by the Republican smear campaign, which called the Democratic candidate out for going to strip clubs in his 20s. Specifically, Maher highlights an ad which stated that Kansas "can't afford" behavior like the Democratic candidate's.

"So let me get this straight, Kansas," Maher said. "Losing a billion dollars in revenue and having your credit rating downgraded – that you can afford?"

Yet, despite the nonsensical nature of the decision, voters still turned up and voted Brownback into office again, believing that his policies of deep state cuts in the state budget followed by income tax cuts would actually fix the problem those very policies created.

Governor Brownback is most certainly to blame, but Kansas voters need to look themselves in the eye and realize who they have re-elected and what his policies have done to their state.

Source: Kansas City Star (2)


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