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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Signs Bill To Exempt State From Implementing Obamacare

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has signed a compact bill to join with other states hoping to exempt themselves from the federal health care overhaul under the Affordable Care Act.

The Health Care Compact is a group of eight states seeking exemption from federal health care rules, while retaining federal health funding.

Brownback announced Wednesday that he signed the bill, passed by the GOP-dominated state legislature earlier this month. 

The law, praised by conservative group Americans for Prosperity, would allow Kansas to remove itself from federal healthcare regulations if they get the consent of Congress.

“Health care decisions should be made by Kansas officials, not the federal government,” said Jeff Glendening, director of AFP-Kansas. “With congressional approval, the Health Care Compact will transfer control of federal health care funding from Washington, D.C., to Kansas. It supports the state’s ability to control its own health care system."

Brownback says even if member states cut Medicare benefits to seniors, implementing ACA is worse.

But AARP supports the ACA because it closes the gap between the initial coverage limit on prescription drugs and the coverage threshold for Medicare recipients.

"We should not threaten the care of hundreds of thousands of seniors," argued House Minority Leader Paul Davis (D). "In his effort to score political points, Governor Brownback ignored these calls for commonsense leadership."

Sources: Topeka Capital-Journal, KCUR


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