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Kamala Harris Turns Heads Over Her Recent Footwear Choice

Senator Kamala Harris was seen in a new light by most people recently while being filmed observing the damage caused by the wildfires in California.

She came out in grand style on this day, and one might feel she's trying to flex her youth once again. However, what caught the attention of people was the Timberland boots she was wearing, which means not only does the 55-year-old understand the culture, she's a massive part of it.

Although the woman of Jamaican and South Asian descent wore heels on the debate stage, however, recently she has been seen styling in several classic dresses, and shoes like the Timberlands rather than the contemporary office dresses she's been known to dress in.

Aside from the fact that the boot is a massive part of the black community, having been worn by hip-hop legends like D.M.X., Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z among others, she likewise gathers praise and admiration from twitter users who seem to like the shoes she was wearing using words like "Kamala THEE Harris" and Queen, which similarly made "Timbs" trend on the day.

The aspiring vice president, if elected, will be among women in the white house who made the position their own and reflects it in their style. Like the former the first lady, Michelle Obama, who owned every stage with her clothing, or the current first lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump and her signature designer outfits.

Photo Credit: Twitter/70 Mil EVs

Photo Credit: Twitter/70 Mil EVs

The current first lady, however, has come under some fire due to her choice to wear some controversial brands like Dolce and Gabbana over American brands. Even Joe Biden’s wife, Dr Jill Biden, has shown that being interested in fashion can be maximized to achieve a lot.

Photo Credit: Twitter/70 Mil EVs

Photo Credit: Twitter/70 Mil EVs

Be that as it may, criticizing the style of women in power due to their outward appearance has been a thing of old. People now relate to the excellent style more than before, and this could become a vital political tool to win the hearts of voters.

Sources: America Now

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