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Elena Kagan's Abortion Activism Makes Her Unfit for Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- American Life League President Judie Brown issued the following statement after Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan confirmed her advocacy of abortion on demand this morning. In responding to questions from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Kagan stated that "Roe (v. Wade) and Doe (v. Bolton) require" that any state "regulation" of abortion protect the "health" of women seeking abortion.

"Elena Kagan has revealed herself as the pro-abortion activist she is. The 'health of the mother' exception has long been code for abortion on demand for any reason under the sun - including financial 'health.'

"Kagan's position is clearly opposed by the majority of Americans who self-identify as pro-life. While we are not shocked that an Obama nominee would be anything but rabidly pro-death, we are compelled to demand representation from our elected leaders: this pro-abortion ideologue is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court.

"At a time when the Court is already befuddled with the disconnect between recognizing the rights of one human being, the mother, while denying the most basic human right of personhood to another -- the preborn child, Elena Kagan clearly does not grasp the constitutional principles that are paramount for a Supreme Court justice.

"Now is the time for a strong, organized effort across the land demanding human rights for each and every preborn baby. We do not need the Court's permission; we need action. Human personhood now."


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