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Julian Assange to Appear in UK Court Tuesday

Julian Assange, the highly controversial founder behind WikiLeaks, will reportedly come out of hiding on Tuesday so he can appear in a British court. His attorneys say the appearance will follow a session where police can question him about a European extradition warrant from Sweden.

Assange is currently wanted for alleged sexual assault.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says there are a "number of things to be done" to fight the WikiLeaks site and its continued exposure of top secret diplomatic cables.

According to the UK Guardian:

Jennifer Robinson, a solicitor with Finers Stephens Innocent which represents the Australian freedom of information campaigner, told the Guardian: "We have a received an arrest warrant [related to claims in Sweden]. We are negotiating a meeting with police."

Another lawyer representing Assange, Mark Stephens, added: "He has not been charged with anything. We are in the process of making arrangements to meet the police by consent in order to facilitate the taking of that question and answer that is needed."

Stephens explained that the interview would happen in the "foreseeable future" but he could not give a precise time. According to other sources, it is thought that Assange would appear before a court to negotiate bail.


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