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Julian Assange: Shut Down WikiLeaks at Your Own Peril

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reportedly has a message for those who might want to take down his controversial, whistle-blowing Web-site WikiLeaks: don't. Because if they do, Assange is prepared to release the most damaging of reports.

According to Fox News, Assange has a massive "doomsday file" posted online that may contain all of the documents he has released, only in their unredacted form.

The file named insurance.aes256 was posted in July. It is more than a gigabyte in size and is encrypted with a 256-digit key.

Assange confirmed the existence of the file earlier this year. "All we have to do is release the password to that material, and it is instantly available," he said.

"Julian's a smart guy and this is an interesting tactic," said Ben Laurie, a London-based computer security expert who has advised WikiLeaks. "He will hope it deters anyone from acting against him."

Wikileaks is struggling to remain online. Hackers have hit it repeatedly since it released more than 250,000 U.S. documents last week. The site recently moved to new servers in France and obtained a domain via Switzerland.

Assange is in hiding after a warrant for his arrest was issued last week for allegedly raping and sexually molesting two women in Sweden. Assange has denied the charges, saying his encounters with the women were consensual, and this is all part of a plot to discredit him and his site.


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