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Judge Says Hillary Clinton Could Go To Jail For Keeping Secrets From Government Computers

A Fox News senior judicial analyst believes that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be facing time in prison for hiding documents from government computers, the Daily Caller reports.

Judge Andrew Napolitano went on “America’s Newsroom” on March 5 and had an interesting answer to host Martha MacCallum’s question regarding the Secretary of State.

“So you feel that she faces potentially two criminal investigations?” MacCallum asked Napolitano.

“Yes,” he responded. “This is beyond extraordinary and beyond dangerous. This is potentially criminal.”

The judge went on to compare Clinton’s current situation with that of General David Petraeus, who pleaded guilty to similar accusations.

“The general agreed to plead guilty for keeping classified secrets in a non-secure, non-government-approved venue - in the general’s case, a desk drawer in his home,” Napolitano explained. “In Mrs Clinton’s case, the server in her home, non-government secured and non-government approved, classified secrets there, that is a misdemeanor.”

MacCallum pointed out that the general got a reasonable settlement from the prosecution after it was determined that the information he kept in his desk drawer wouldn’t cause any harm.

“We don’t know whether or not possession of anything Hillary had caused harm,” McCallum said. “Of course, the Benghazi issue will be raised there.”

Napolitano acknowledged MacCallum’s point but insisted that Hillary “must have had classified secrets.”

“She as the secretary of state - there are four levels of security clearances. She and the president and General Petraeus and the secretary of defense, people of that nature have the highest level,” Napolitano said. “But the other problem that she faces is far more serious, and that is a conspiracy to deflect documents, to conceal documents from government computers by keeping them from the government computers.

“That exposes her to three years in jail, per document,” Napolitano added. “And a conviction also exposes her to disqualification from holding office in the future, under the United States of America.”

Source: The Daily Caller / Photo Credit: Wiki Media Commons


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