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Court Orders Trump To Pay $300K To Paint Company

President Donald Trump's company, Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, was ordered by the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami to pay over $300,000 to a paint store and its lawyers on April 12.

The Paint Spot provided supplies -- through a subcontractor -- for a job at the Trump National Doral Miami resort, which is owned by Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, notes LawNewz.

The subcontractor reportedly quit the job renovating the resort due to non-payment, but Trump National kept using the supplies provided by The Paint Spot without paying.

Court records say Trump originally agreed to pay $200,000 to The Paint Spot, but the company stopped paying when it still owed $32,535.87 in 2013, notes the Miami New Times.

Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto placed a tax lien on Trump's resort, and told the real estate mogul to pay up or his resort would be foreclosed in June 2016.

The Miami Herald reported in July 2016 that Trump convinced Cueto to call off the foreclosure by putting $34,000 into an escrow account, but the mom-and-pop paint store was not paid; the newspaper said  Trump owed $34,863 to The Paint Spot.

Cueto ruled in July 2016 that Trump owed The Paint Spot its money, plus the paint store's' legal fees: $282,949.

Juan Carlos Enriquez, owner of The Paint Spot, said at the time: "I’m happy I have a judgment. But he [Trump] hasn’t paid yet."

"You know how he says he’ll surround himself with the greatest people if he is president?" Enriquez added. "In this case, he might not be surrounded by the right people."

The attorneys for Trump Endeavor 12 LLC appealed that ruling by saying that The Paint Spot had filed its lien with the wrong subcontractor, reports LawNewz.

The legal news website notes that a Trump representative gave The Paint Spot the wrong name for the contractor, which caused the filing error.

The Third District Court of Appeal ruled that the filing error didn't matter because the required Notice to Owner filing went to the right address. The court asserted that Trump Endeavor 12 LLC and the main contractor knew about The Paint Spot’s work.

The main contractor’s manager stated: "[T]he decision not to pay [Paint Spot] had nothing to do with a defective Notice to Owner... They weren’t paid because Mr. Trump had already paid [the subcontractor] a decent amount of money of the contract... and there was still a lot of work that needed to be completed..."

The president's company, which once owed a low five-figure amount, must now either pay the six-figure judgment, or appeal the case to the Florida Supreme Court.

Sources: Miami New Times, Miami Herald, LawNewz / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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