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Joy Behar Calls For Trump's Impeachment (Video)

Joy Behar candidly confirmed her strong distaste for President Donald Trump on ABC's "The View" (video below).

The Daily Caller reported that on April 3, viewers across the nation tuned in to "The View" to watch co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Paula Faris, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Jedediah Bila chat and discuss the hot topics of the week. And as with most talk shows, Trump came up.

Behar has repeatedly expressed her opinions on the president since she returned to the show in 2015.

In her comments for the week, the comedic talk show host took her filter off, and said she thinks it's important to impeach Trump.

"Everybody face it, he needs to be taken out of office. He needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong -- what do you call him -- Kim Jong-yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Let’s get real. Come on. He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it," Behar said live on the morning talk show.

Behar than went on to state she thinks the president's position on nuclear weapons and his intent to use them on countries, including some in Europe, is "quite frightening."

Goldberg, a staple to the show's cast, agreed with Behar.

"Trump's lack of experience could get the country into war, and if it does, it might end up that no one will want to fight it," Goldberg added.

Behar referenced the Watergate scandal and stated that she thinks the Republican Party should really consider its stance on Trump.

"When [former President Richard] Nixon was in trouble in the Watergate days, his own party turned on him,” Behar said. “That is what is necessary now. The Republicans needs to step up and say, ‘my country is more important than the party.' That’s it," she added.

Raw Story reported that on April 5, "The View" co-hosts continued to criticize the president, focusing on his appointing first daughter, Ivanka Trump, to a position in the White House with her own office in the West Wing.

"Can we just call this what it is?" said Hostin. "This is pure and simple nepotism."

Behar went on to add that having Ivanka in office is akin to having a candy striper perform surgery on a person.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, since 2013, "The View" has struggled with low ratings and played a game of host musical chairs as the producers sought to find the right dynamic among the panelists.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Raw Story, The Hollywood Reporter / Photo credit: Instagram via The View on ABC

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