'The View': Melania Treats Donald 'Like He Has Zika'

'The View': Melania Treats Donald 'Like He Has Zika' Promo Image

Joy Behar, co-host of the ABC morning talk show "The View," caused a stir when she said Melania Trump looks like she treats her husband like "he has the Zika virus."

The quote from Behar came as the panel was discussing presidential marriages and whether it was appropriate for the media to comment on the personal relationships of government leaders.

The panel also played a clip from an interview from a previous show in which co-host Sunny Hostin spoke with former Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton. Hostin was particularly interested in asking about her relationship with husband and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The debate over discussing presidential marriages stemmed from co-host Whoopi Goldberg addressing comments made about "The View" on Fox News. Goldberg said the news network called the talk-show hosts "hypocrites" for discussing the relationship between Melania Trump and U.S. President Donald Trump while not talking about the one between Hillary and Bill.

"Just for the record, one of the things that we commented on … because we have never seen this before … is a many-married president,” Goldberg said during the show, explaining the reasoning behind the discussion of the Trump marriage. “Clearly, you’ve never seen the show or you would know that Joy has at times been relentless about the Clinton’s marriage."

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Behar, whom Goldberg described as "relentless," made the Zika virus comment during the panel discussion of what "family values" means in respect to the Oval Office.

"Yeah, because it’s about adultery,” Behar said, responding to her previous remarks about Hillary and Bill's rough spot during Bill's infidelity. "That’s one of the last things you can actually joke about in this country. Everything is so difficult to make a joke about. And you know just because she, Melania, she treats him like he has the Zika virus. That’s comedy as far as I’m concerned."

"The View" hosts then refined their stance by arguing that the amount of coverage of Bill's indiscretions during Hillary's campaign undermined her as a candidate.

"It doesn’t surprise me that Fox lost this distinction, which is Hillary is the political candidate,” said co-host Sarah Haines, according to quotes pulled by the Daily Caller. "When you define the political candidate by their husband you’re missing a big point here."

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"We can have jobs without their approval. Melania is the wife. It’s different to me when you gauge a political career based on the husband."

Sources: The View/YouTube, Daily Caller / Featured Image: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons, Nick Step/Wikimedia Commons

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