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Journalist Glenn Greenwald Slams Rep. Mike Rogers Who Attacks Him for Breaking NSA Story (Video)

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the story last week about the NSA gathering Verizon's phone records on millions of Americans, slammed Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) who attacked him earlier today.

Rep. Rogers, who is the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, appeared on ABC’s This Week and went after Greenwald (video below).

"I know your reporter that you interviewed, Greenwald, says that he’s got it all and now is an expert on the program. He doesn’t have a clue how this thing works. Nether did the person who released just enough information to literally be dangerous,” said Rep. Rogers.

Greenwald, who wrote the NSA story inThe Guardian, told CNN today that Rep. Rogers is “exactly the reason” why he broke the story and why there needs to be greater transparency in the U.S. government, reports

“First of all, to the extent that politicians like Republican Mike Rogers are running around boating that only they know, but not the rest of us know, about what the U.S. government is doing in terms of spying on its own citizens, that to me is exactly the reason why transparency is so vital here,” Greenwald fired back.

“...What we disclosed is that the American government is surveying its own citizens, people who are suspected of no wrongdoing. The only thing that has been damaged here is not national security. What has been damaged is the reputation and credibility of the political officials who want to hide behind top secret designations to conceal their own wrongdoing, and that’s really what they’re angry about.”

Sources: and The Guardian


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