Jon Stewart Slams Republicans for Blocking Universal Gun Background Checks (Video)


On Thursday night, 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart slammed Republicans who voted against universal background checks on gun purchases, reports (video below).

Stewart played clips of Republicans attacking video games, claiming the games encouraged violence because the players were “literally shooting at people,” but Stewart reminded the GOP that video game players were not shooting at real people.

He also played video of Republicans using their talking point that gun control laws are useless because "criminals don't follow laws," to which Stewart responded sarcastically: "There’s really no point in making laws because criminals are just going to end up breaking them.”

Stewart pointed out that Republicans do support expanding the federal government’s power to monitor U.S. citizens to fight foreign terrorism, even though Americans with guns kill far more people  than terrorist attacks.

“We move heaven and earth to do whatever it takes to prevent weapons to fall into the hands of foreigners who would kill our citizens, because apparently we think killing our citizens is our job,” said Stewart.



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