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Jon Stewart Slams Obama For Drone Strike Memo (Video)

On Wednesday night's 'The Daily Show,' host Jon Stewart slammed President Obama over a classified memo that provides legal justification for the use of drone strikes against suspected terrorists, including Americans (video below).

According to, a white paper that the memo was based on was reported on by NBC News. The document said that high-ranking United States could order a drone strike on leaders affiliated with al Qaeda and associated terror groups who were an “imminent threat.”

“So ‘imminent threat,’ in other words, imminent or not imminent,” said Stewart. “Broadly speaking, imminent in the geological sense. So, wait, we can kill an American who is in al Qaeda or al Qaeda-adjacent if they pose an imminent danger, and by ‘imminent’ we mean eventual?”

Stewart pointed out that Democrats had railed against the Bush administration for not releasing legal memos that justified the use of torture against terror suspects.

“We don’t mind you knowing about sh*t we do once we don’t do it anymore,” opined Stewart. “We’re happy to share irrelevant information with the public. We told you we were going to be transparent, we just didn’t tell you it was going to be about the last guy’s secrets.”




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