Jon Stewart Slams Congress for Sequester (Video)


'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart slammed Congress on Monday night for failing to stop the $85 billion sequester spending cuts, which he called "our mutual ball punch" (video below), reports

“Congress, as always, in its infinite wisdom, forgot just how f*cking incompetent they really are,” Stewart said. “They got cocky. Here is what Congress did with the sequester. It was like they tied a belt around their neck and then looped it over the shower curtain in the hopes that this pressure would somehow heighten the sensation of getting something done."

"Here is the thing about auto-erotic asphyxiation, everyone thinks they can pull it off until they can't. Now, it's been three days and the mail is starting to pile up outside Congress."

Stewart also mocked the media's obsession with President Obama's mix up of Star Trek and Star Wars, instead of House Speaker John Boehner calling lawful U.S. taxation "theft."



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