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Jon Stewart Skewers Sen. John McCain for Playing Video Poker (Video)

Jon Stewart, who is back hosting “The Daily Show,” skewered Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tonight for playing video poker during a Senate hearing on Syria.

“Is this possible global conflagration interrupting your video poker time?” Stewart jokingly asked Sen. McCain, according to

“There’s a Rascal scooter and a bucket of quarters with your name on it over at the Golden Nugget. You could play all the video poker you want, 99-cent prime rib. Instead of playing pretend poker in the actual Senate, go to an actual casino and pretend you know what the government should do,” said Stewart (video below).

Later, Stewart recalled all the failed efforts by the U.S. in the Middle East: “It’s like, even though we’re a superpower, we haven’t figured out that we don’t actually have superpowers, but we just keep jumping out of the building, thinking we’re gonna fly.”

John Oliver later appeared as “Sir Archibald Map-a-Lot III” and redrew a map of the Middle East in order to solve the conflicts, but then got distracted with playing video poker.

Over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow also mocked Sen. McCain for all the possible wars he would have started if he had been elected president in 2008: Libya, Iran and the former Soviet satellite-state Georgia (video below).

Maddow recalled how Sen. McCain would have stayed in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also noted how he supports another war, Syria, reported

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