Jon Stewart: Sarah Palin "Either Running for President or Crazy"


Sarah Palin told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren this week that she was worried that the presidency could prove to be “too shackling” for her maverick style and somehow limit her.

Wednesday night, Jon Stewart took aim at her claims on "The Daily Show."

“The biggest contemplation piece in your process is that becoming the president would diminish your power?” Stewart asked. “You’d be the f***ing president! You would be the commander-in-chief of history’s greatest fighting force. What do you mean? What possibly do you mean? And don’t misunderstand, I am not trying to talk you into running. It is just, by most people’s standards, the presidency is one of the higher level positions we have.”

Stewart added: “So here’s the thing, you can have a colorful bus and drive to early primary states or you can go around telling people what you would do if you were president. But when you put those two together, there’s really only two possibilities: you are either running for president of the United States or you are a crazy person.”


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