Jon Stewart Puts Blame for Shutdown Entirely on GOP, Backs it Up (Video)


There has been a lot of back-and-forth over the past few days regarding who deserves blame for the current U.S. government shutdown. Everyone agrees that Republicans are at least partially responsible. The lone point of debate is whether Democrats deserve any criticism.

On ‘The Daily Show’ last night, Jon Stewart made his opinion on the matter abundantly clear: this is entirely the work of Republicans. Stewart isn’t a fan of the GOP’s tactics here, but what apparently is irritating him the most is the fact that his political foes aren’t owning up to the fact that they brought this shutdown on.

“The party of personal responsibility ain’t taking none,” he observed.

Stewart brought up a clip of an interview George Stephanopoulos conducted with John Boehner, in which the former noted that a deal for a clean CR was originally in place, but that Republicans opted to go in a different direction. Boehner didn’t dispute this.

 “Did you f**king hear that?” he asked the audience.

“They had a deal, but ‘Obamacare’…”

You can check out the entire segment in the video below.

The Daily Show
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