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Jon Stewart on Arizona State Denying Obama Honorary Degree

President Barack Obama, a Harvard grad and former Univeristy of Chicago law professor, will deliver the commencement address at Arizona State University this week -- but he won't be leaving Tempe, Ariz. with one customary item: An honorary degree.

Nope. ASU will not fork over that symbolic scroll this time. The school, which has been unceremoniously tossed from Playboy's Top 10 party schools in America, is making a stand, saying: "[Obama's] body of work is yet to come. It's inappropriate to recognize him at this time."

Is Arizona State making a wise decision -- or a media relations blunder?

"From president of the Harvard Law Review to president of the United States, Barack Obama has amassed some impressive titles over the years," Jon Stewarts says. "But there is one honor that will forever remain out of his reach." Stewart sent his field reporter, Jason Jones, into the desert to see what he could find about this educational snub:

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Arizona State Snubs Obama

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