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Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, GOP’s Efforts to Change its Message (Video)

Professional vacation taker and part-time comedian Jon Stewart returned from a little break this week and decided to catch up on some old news. Rather than spending the better part of Tuesday night’s program discussing the actual news of the day, the Supreme Court hearing arguments on gay marriage, Stewart turned his attention to the GOP’s introspective analysis of where it all went wrong for them from last week.

Essentially, Stewart mocked Rance Priebus and his team for failing to recognize that simply changing their message, without changing the policies that impact how that message is interpreted, is not addressing the true problem at hand. He likened the GOP’s current efforts to alter how it presents itself, rather than examining why their policies are so unwelcome by certain groups in the first place, to cigarette companies trying to market their product in a more friendly way.

You can check out Stewart making his case, with guest appearances from Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Dr. Benjamin Carson in the video below.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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