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Jon Stewart Mocks GOP, Fox News Over Wild Benghazi Claims (Video)

On 'The Daily Show' tonight, host Jon Stewart ripped the Republicans over their Benghazi, "conspiracy" claims and the overhyped coverage by Fox News (video below).

First, as noted by, Stewart mocked Fox News for over-hyping General David Petraus' testimony on Benghazi back in 2012. Stewart also mocked Fox News for over-hyping then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony earlier this year.

Stewart then showed numerous clips of Republicans claiming "various scandals" from the Obama administration that were supposedly "far worse than Watergate," but always fizzled out.

Stewart observed that the Republicans were outraged that the media was not outraged over the supposed lies told by the Obama administration about the Benghazi attack.

Stewart concluded that Fox News and the Republicans may be proven right someday, "but the denizens of Bullshit Mountain have cried wolf before.”




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