Jon Stewart Mocks Dedication of George W. Bush Presidential Center (Video)


On "The Daily Show" tonight, host Jon Stewart mocked the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center as “the Hard Rock Cafe of catastrophic policy decisions” (video below).

Stewart compared Bush's statement that he paints "three or four hours a day" to former President Carter's decades of humanitarian work.

Stewart recalled the low points of the Bush administration including the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina and the Wall Street meltdown, reports

He noted that former one-term President George H.W. Bush didn't look so bad anymore, thanks to his son.

Stewart predicted George W. Bush's legacy might benefit if one his children becomes president: “If one of G.W.’s kids becomes president in 2032 and for some reason invades the moon, I’m sure we’ll look back at W. and go, ‘You know, actually he wasn’t so bad.’”

Stewart also played a news clip about the interactive "Decision Points Theater" in the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which allows visitors to see the "actual advice" that Bush got and allows people make their own decisions.  Stewart called it “Disaster Piece Theater.”

Source: and New York Post


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