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Jon Stewart Mocks Bob Woodward's Ultra-Sensitive Feelings (Video)

On Thursday night, 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart ripped the media coverage of a recent fight between the White House and journalist Bob Woodward.

Earlier this week, Woodward claimed that a senior White House official said via email that he would “regret” his reporting on budget negotiations between the President and Congress, but the emails revealed that Woodward wasn’t threatened or intimidated.

In fact, the White House official, Gene Sperling, apologized for yelling at Woodward earlier. Woodward replied that no apology was necessary, but later cried to the media about being threatened.

“Woodward, if I ever see you on the streets of this town again, I will wave to you because we are good friends,” Stewart mockingly said. “Here is what’s crazy: That doesn’t sound like a threat to me, and I’m a coward.”

Stewart also slammed the media for focusing on House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) use of the word “ass."



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