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Jon Stewart Defends Bassem Youssef, Rips Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (Video)

When news came across the wire that Egyptian officials had arrested political satirist Bassem Youssef for insulting Islam and mocking President Mohammed Morsi, most figured it was only a matter of time before America’s own Bassem Youssef addressed the issue.

As expected, on Monday’s edition of The Daily Show, Stewart attacked Morsi and the Egyptian government for targeting someone on charges they insulted a religion, when they in fact belittle and insult Judaism and other people's beliefs all the time. Stewart then moved past the so-called crimes that Youssef stands accused of committing, and pointed to the fact that Egypt has much bigger things to worry about than the ramblings of a comedian.

You can check out The Daily Show’s entire scathing reaction to Youssef’s arrest in the video below. 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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