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Jon Stewart Catches Fox News' Megyn Kelly Flip-Flopping on Maternity Leave

On the the Daily Show, Jon Stewart mocked Fox News Megyn Kelly's more liberal perspective on mandated benefits and entitlement programs -- after she had an on-air battle with conservative radio host Mike Gallagher who called Kelly's maternity leave a "racket."

Stewart then played a clip of Kelly slamming entitlement programs, including maternity leave, during interviews with Rep. Ron Paul and liberal commentator Bill Press. At one point, Kelly called it "the first step to socialism," quite a contrast to her spirited defense of it today.

Kelly delivered her daughter Yardley Evans Brunton on April 14. Kelly has a son, Edward Yates, 19 months, who was the Fox anchor’s first child with husband Doug Brunt.

She started her career as an attorney in Chicago, but segued to journalism in Washington D.C. where she worked as a general assignment news reporter and anchor for Fox News. She later got her own show America Live on the conservative network.


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