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Jon Stewart Analyzes the End of Anthony Weiner's Political Career (Video)

On "The Daily Show" tonight, Jon Stewart and John Oliver analyzed the results New York City's Democratic mayoral primary.

Stewart joked about winner Bill de Blasio, who married a woman who once called herself a "lesbian," being able to appeal to Republicans who want gay people to go straight (video below).

The host mocked Anthony Weiner, who made an obscene gesture with his middle finger from a car while leaving his defeat party.

"At least he only flashed his finger," said Stewart, noted

“It’s not really how it seems a mayoral campaign usually ends. It’s more like how an episode of 'Cops' would end,” added Stewart.

“Sure, the good ones,” said Oliver.

Stewart tried to get Oliver to do the Carlos Danger dance one more time, but Oliver resisted before giving in: “It doesn’t feel right anymore, Jon. Sure, it was fun when he was still running for office, being a d--- to everyone he met."



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