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Is John Kerry Spouting Anti-Semitic Talking Points?

I was outraged this week to hear the explosive audio of our Secretary of State equating Israel’s struggle against terrorism to South Africa’s apartheid – and on the very day that people around the world paused for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Besides being offensive to the very real struggles South African blacks had to garner their freedoms, Kerry’s comments suggest a troubling policy coming from the Democratic Party and an adherence to a false, anti-Semitic and delegitimizing discourse promoted by the international far-left.

Kerry, after all, was the Democratic nominee for President recently. At the last Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, we saw many of the same anti-Israel tactics. The Democrats may not realize it but one-fifth of Israel’s citizens are Arab and enjoy more democratic rights and freedoms than in any Arab state. Palestinian leaders, however, insist that no Jews will be allowed to settle in “Palestine.”

Israel’s struggle against hatred and terrorism is a real struggle that deserves both political parties’ support.


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