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John Edwards Reportedly Proposes to Mistress Rielle Hunter

Disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards is still married to his cancer-stricken wife, yet he has reportedly already proposed to his mistress. The National Enquirer reports Edwards will marry Rielle Hunter after his divorce is finalized. In the meantime, the story says he has set up Hunter and their love child in a $3.5 million beachfront mansion.

Before you dismiss this report as the "usual Enquirer tabloid trash," keep in mind the Enquirer has been right virtually every step of the way on the Edwards story, reporting the affair as far back as during Edwards' presidential campaign when no other news outlet would touch the story.

The report says Edwards popped the question last month, shortly before issuing a statement in which he finally admitted being the father of Hunter's 2-year-old baby. Elizabeth Edwards followed up that statement with one of her own, confirming she and Edwards have separated.

The story quotes a source who said:

"John knew Rielle had been waiting for a proposal for two long years. Since they've gotten involved, she's followed every order he gave her, going on a cross-country cover-up, hiding away during her pregnancy and after giving birth for the sake of his presidential aspirations."

"Rielle never uttered a peep about their affair publicly, and remained loyal to John. John felt she deserved to know that he wanted to raise their child together, and wanted Rielle in his life as his partner."

"John has said that when his divorce is final, he'll buy her a diamond ring. But in the meantime, he's getting them a house."

A second source also confirmed the proposal and the positive response from Hunter.

Edwards met Hunter while she she worked as a videographer for his campaign.


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