John Boehner's Daughter to Marry Jamaican With Previous Marijuana Arrest?


House Speaker John Boehner, who has traditionally been very tough on drugs, is about to welcome a son-in-law with a previous arrest for marijuana possession into the circle of trust.

The Ohio Republican’s 35-year-old daughter Lindsay Boehner is engaged to a Jamaican man named Dominic Lakhan. The National Enquirer reports Lakhan was arrested during a traffic stop in Pembroke Pines, Fla., for a misdemeanor possession of two grams of cannabis in 2006.

Boehner, who staunchly opposes the legalization of marijuana, voted to prohibit medical marijuana and needle exchanges in Washington.

Lakhan’s police report allegedly states that “upon making contact with the driver” a police officer “observed in plain view a 16 oz. Natural Lite beer can opened in the driver door.”

The officer “also detected the odor of burnt cannabis emitting from the interior of the vehicle” and “A search of the vehicle revealed two bags containing approximately 2 grams of suspected cannabis … inside the center of the ashtray.”

His arresting officer reported that Lakhan admitted to the possession and said it was for personal use.

Court records show he was also arrested in 2003 for possession of an open container while driving.

According to their alleged wedding registry, the couple is set to marry May 10 in Delray Beach, Fla.

Sources: Daily Mail, Radar Online


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