Joe The Plumber Says Posting Call For "White Republican President" Does Not Mean He Is Racist

Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known to Americans “Joe the Plumber,” a conservative activist who skyrocketed to celebrity when he questioned then-candidate Barack Obama at a campaign stop in 2008, is defending himself against charges that he is a racist and a white supremacist this week.

The accusations came after the Ohio-based Wurzelbacher, who failed in a run for Congress last year, posted an article on his personal blog entitled, “America Needs a White Republican President.”

The ersatz plumber (pictured, with then-presidential candidate Herman Cain) was not the author of the article. He took it verbatim from The Black Sphere, the web site of Kevin Jackson, an African-American conservative. The Black Sphere site describes Jackson as “a regular on the Glenn Beck show,” a contributor to several prominent right-wing web sites and “a leader in the consulting industry in America,” as well as a radio host.

In the article Jackson says that “having a white Republican president is best for the country” because “nobody is ever accused of being racist for disagreeing with white presidents.”

“I long for the days of a white president, because under white presidents, at least black people had pride,” wrote Jackson. “Liberals have stolen pride from blacks, and they have no intention of giving it back.”

Wurzelbacher posted on his Facebook page to defend reposting the article on his own blog.

“So I post an article by a black guy, about a black guy and guess who they call a racist?” he wrote on his page.

Contacted by the New York Daily News, “Joe” said that his purpose in posting the Jackson article was to “get more eyes on an important issue: race warfare.”

He said that he has observed race war “blossom under the administration of Obama.”

The article says, “Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.”

SOURCES: New York Daily News, The Black Sphere, Wikipedia


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