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Joe McCarthy was Right!

I remember when i was a kid, and i made the mistake of using the term McCarthyism around an elderly gentleman I had great respect for.  He spit on the ground, and said, "pah! Tail gunner was a damn fine man, and a patriot. Who told you that @#$%?"

 Naturally I sided with my commie teacher, but that little chat I had down at the Pit Stop with Ol' Daniel stuck in my mind. It made me question whether there might be 2 sides to the whole "red menace" thing.

 About 12 or so years ago, i remember hearing a story on the radio about some secret messages they decoded during the war up until the 80s, and they said that a whole lot of what Joe said was actually true.

 Then I read about the VENONA project about 4 years ago, and I found out that EVERYTHING My teacher said about Joe was wrong, except the drinking and his rough manners. Even though his manners were not great, it turns out that we really did need to investigate the communist spies who were infiltrating our sensitive government positions.

I think it's time we go back and honor Joe McCarthy for the great stand he took against tyranny and evil, and I'm glad they're correcting those crappy textbooks that maliciously and falsely brand him as a lunatic.

 Thanks, Daniel.


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