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Rep. Joe Barton Will Not Resign Over Leaked Nude Photo

Rep. Joe Barton Will Not Resign Over Leaked Nude Photo Promo Image

Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas has issued an apology after a nude photo of him leaked online, but stated that he has no intention to resign. (Warning: The photo below shows nudity.)

Barton issued a statement regarding the leaked nude photo, which he said was taken in recent years, after he had separated from his second wife, reports the Daily Mail.

"While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women," Barton said in a statement. "Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended. I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down."

The photo surfaced when an anonymous Twitter user shared a censored version of the photo. Along with the nude photo was a screenshot of a graphic text sent by Barton, which read, "I want u soo bad. Right now. Deep and hard."

The anonymous user, who goes by the username Parker21333, claimed to also have video of Barton masturbating. It is not clear if the Twitter user is the person who received the text messages from Barton.

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A spokesman for Barton says the member of Congress has no intention of resigning over the leaked photo.

Barton is the longest serving member of Congress from Texas. He joined the House in 1985 and is now the vice-chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

In 2015, Barton told a woman to whom he had sent sexually explicit photos and videos that he would report her to Capitol Police if she tried to share the photos, reports The Washington Post.

The woman shared a recorded phone conversation with Barton, in which he warned her against using the photos, videos and messages in ways that "would negatively affect my career."

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The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her privacy, said that she and Barton were in contact over a five-year period, beginning when she posted a message on his Facebook page in 2011. The pair exchanged sexually explicit messages and eventually had physical sexual encounters on two occasions.

After some time, the woman said she became aware of several other women who engaged in relationships with Barton.

During the phone conversation, Barton told the woman, "I want your word that this ends."

He added, "I will be completely straight with you. I am ready if I have to, I don't want to, but I should take all this crap to the Capitol Hill Police and have them launch an investigation. And if I do that, that hurts me potentially big time."

When asked why he would do that and what he would tell Capitol Hill Police, Barton responded, "I would tell them that I had met you twice while married and had sex with you on two different occasions and that I exchanged inappropriate photographs and videos with you that I wouldn't like to be seen make public, that you still apparently had all of those and were in position to use them in a way that would negatively affect my career. That's the truth."

Barton said a transcript of the recording may be "evidence" of a "potential crime against me."

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