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Keep Drilling for Oil? Jindal is an Idiot!

Today, after the oil spill has yet to be contained in the least, he is writing to the President and asking him NOT to restrict oil drilling as it will hurt his economy. The fact that his state is being destroyed is not as important as the fact that the economy will be hurt. Incredible.

According to the LA Governor, this mistake is really the fault of the government and the current President. That does not even seem like a stretch to the LA Governor. I wonder if the people in LA knew they were electing Gumby.

How do you represent a state and at the same time, make excuses for the oil industry that is devasting his state? Could it be that the LA Governor is not really Gumby but a puppet for the oil companies? How much 'mothers' milk' flowed to the LA Governor from big oil?

Does the LA Governor have a plan for LA or is he just waiting for the federal government to fix everything and then he can rush in and claim credit? The Governor is very willing to accept the money from the federal government for the people hurt by this 'unfortunate accident'.

But he is unwilling to go along with federal regulations that would prevent another 'unfortunate accident' in the future. Funny, I remember this same Governor being against government intervention. I guess everybody has a different definition of government intervention.


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