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Jindal Speech Attacks Trump

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The Donald Trump recipe for success includes ruthlessly attacking any opponents that stand in his way. John McCain, Megyn Kelly and numerous other individuals have been victims of the brutal Trump honesty that voters have grown to love. With each attack, Trump’s polling numbers only seem to rise.

The rest of the candidates have been forced into the difficult position of dealing with Trump’s recklessness. Each response has had a different effect on different candidates. It wouldn’t be entirely incorrect to attribute Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham’s respective slips in the polls to Trump’s attacks. On the other hand, Ben Carson’s cool, level headed response to Trump has given him a nice boost in the polls. Some candidates, like Bobby Jindal, have tried to imitate Trump’s brashness in order to replicate his success.

Jindal recently delivered a speech at the National Press Club in which he outright attacked Trump. The beginning of his speech actually praises the real estate mogul for his political incorrectness and willingness to take on Washington’s political elite. He then dismisses Trump as nothing but an entertainer. “The Donald Trump Act is great, and the idea of Donald Trump is great — BUT the reality of Donald Trump is absurd, he’s a non-serious carnival act,” Jindal said.

In Jindal’s attack on Trump (which was undoubtedly inspired by Trump’s attacks on others), he even tried to recreate Trump’s social media approach. Jindal’s Facebook now includes a video featuring clips of Trump saying he “loves” things spliced together. At the end, there’s a clip from Anchorman of Steve Carell’s character saying “I love lamp.”

With his own form of political theater, Jindal is attempting to present himself as an alternative to Trump. He’s acknowledging that he respects many of the things voters like about Trump (a cautious move), yet claiming Trump knows nothing about policy (a bold move). He’s trying to establish himself as a politically incorrect Washington outsider, yet one that actually knows about policy.

It doesn’t seem likely that Jindal’s attack on Trump will have any positive effect on his campaign. He’s currently in second-to-last place, with 0.3% of the vote. If anything, Trump’s popularity will only increase if he decides to fire back.

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Image Source: The Pulse 2016


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