'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Writer Mocks Donald Trump, His Supporters At Dallas Rally (Video)


"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" sent a camera crew to Dallas on Sept. 14 to interview Donald Trump's supporters whose segments were crashed by Kimmel writer Anthony “Tony” Barbieri aka "Jake Byrd" (video below).

Byrd played a Trump supporter who egged on and mocked Trump's supporters without them realizing the ruse, notes Salon.com.

Byrd read from Trump's book about how he got sick from a strawberry margarita, which Byrd said proved Trump was not against Mexicans and got a Trump supporter to agree.

Byrd also got a female Trump fan to say that they were "DTF," which stands for "Donald Trump Forever," reports Entertainment Weekly.

Byrd placed "Trump Stamps" on people's stomachs and behinds before the rally, and showed a female supporter Trump's "fragrance," which Byrd drank on the spot.

During Trump's speech, Byrd sat behind the GOP presidential candidate and cheered wildly.

When Trump said he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare, Byrd enthusiastically yelled, "No more medicine! No more medicine!"

Byrd also held up a "You're Hired" sign during the rally.

At one point, Trump turned around to where Byrd was sitting, and said, "I love these people back here!"

Sources: Salon, Entertainment Weekly / Photo credit: ABC Screenshot


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