Jimmy Kimmel Grills Donald Trump About His Muslim Ban Proposal (Video)


ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel had a cordial interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Dec. 16, but was not afraid to challenge his guest’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. Video below.

“Did anyone try to talk you out of saying we should temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States?” Kimmel asked the business mogul, according to New York Daily News.

The GOP candidate said that he has the support of his “many, many friends who are Muslim, and they’re great people.”

“I will tell you some of them aren’t so thrilled with what I said,” Trump admitted. “But many of them called me and they said, ‘You know, Donald, you’re right We have a problem.’”

Kimmel did not let the issue go, however, challenging the presidential candidate on the constitutionality of his proposal.

“But isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion,” Kimmel asked pointedly.

Trump repeated that many friends had called him to support his idea, to which Kimmel joked “Those may have been crank calls… did you check the caller ID?”

The late night host also pressed Trump on whether or not he had considered that alienating the Muslim community could play into the strategy of the Islamic State group, leading to further recruitment.

“I don’t buy it,” Trump answered.

Kimmel asked Trump about undocumented immigrants, wondering aloud if it was fair to deport people who “want to be here so badly they will risk everything?”

Trump said that he supports immigrants as long as they are legal, and concluded that “I am going to win the Hispanic vote, in my opinion.”

The host and his controversial guest shared did have more lighthearted back-and-forth throughout the interview, with Kimmel ribbing Trump about his recently released medical report, which declared that Trump “would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” according to Variety.

“What kind of a doctor is he?” Kimmel asked about Trump’s personal doctor, Howard Bornstein. The GOP candidate admitted that “I think he probably took my words and put them down.”

In a fun twist, Kimmel also produced a mock children’s book made especially for their interview, a Dr. Seuss-style book modeled on Trump titled “Winners Aren’t Losers,” according to Rolling Stone.

The late night host read from the rhyming book, Trump visibly amused and enjoying the joke.

Sources: New York Daily News, Rolling Stone, Variety / Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot

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