Jim Webb Pays Family Over $90,000 In Campaign Donations


The former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is already facing scrutiny a mist his potential campaign to run for President.

Business Insider has found that, during his time in Congress, Webb chaired a committee called the Born Fighting PAC that paid over $90,000 to his wife and daughter.

Webb launched his exploratory committee to run for President last month.

Webb left Congress at the beginning of 2011, but the committee has been receiving donations and has yet to donate any money to political candidates.

Records show that the PAC has received $961,515.34 since 2006. Of that, $91,999.91 has been paid to his daughter, Amy Webb Hogan, and his wife, Hong Le Webb. The two were paid for website and administrative consulting services. Travel reimbursements were also included.

A spokesperson told CNN that "adding up numbers across several years for a sensational headline doesn't tell the story. The activities of the PAC increased in 2014 when Jim Webb decided to re-enter the political discussions of our country."

Webb, has pledged to his donors that he will use their money accordingly.

"If you trust my vision and are able to help, I can pledge to you that I will do my best to help bring greater fairness and a more sensible foreign policy to our country," writes Webb. "Your contribution will not be wasted."

If Webb does decide to run, this will be criticized and possibly further looked into. It is likely he will face former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary.

Source: Business Insider, CNN / Photo Credit: Tulip Garden


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