Jim Bob Duggar Stands by U.S.-Nazi Holocaust Comparison, Uses His Kids to Campaign for Virginia Republican

Last week at the Values Voter Summit, reality TV star Jim Bob Duggar, of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," compared the U.S. to the Nazi Germany Holocaust because of America's abortion laws.

Duggar said that Nazi concentration camps are “where we are at in our nation.”

This week, Duggar stood by his Holocaust claim while campaigning with many of his children for GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cucinelli, who once tried to ban sodomy.

"It is shocking that Cuccinelli would accept the support of a man who last week publicly compared the United States to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust," Josh Schwerin, campaign spokesman for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, told the Daily News.

"Ken Cuccinelli needs to immediately ask his surrogate to leave Virginia. Mr. Duggar's divisive, hurtful, and extreme rhetoric has no place in this campaign for Governor."

When asked about his Holocaust comparison this week, Duggar said, "Let me clarify, we have since 1973 had 55 million abortions, so what we have going on is a baby holocaust."

His wife Michelle also made a similar Holocaust statement about Tennessee's abortion laws, noted Life News.

"Veterinarian clinics for animals in Tennessee have higher standards in health and safety laws than there are for the abortion clinics involving human life. We must join together and end the baby holocaust that is taking place right here in Tennessee!” said Michelle.

Both the Duggars oppose the use of birth control and are trying to have their 20th child.

Sources: Daily News and Life News


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