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Recount In Michigan Nets Only 61 Votes For Clinton

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With 82 percent of votes counted in the Wisconsin recount, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has only gained 61 additional votes. reports that after eight days of the Wisconsin recount, the Wisconsin Election Commission reported that Clinton had only gained a net total of 61 votes against President-elect Donald Trump, who won the state by around 22,000 votes.  

The recount effort was prompted by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who spent a reported $3.5 million to enact a recount in the state.  Earlier in the week, a federal judge rejected a bid to stop the recount by lawyers for the Trump campaign.  

It seems so far that the recount effort is in vain, with hardly a dent being made in Trump’s sizable lead.  However, the city of Milwaukee has yet to be recounted, because its absentee ballots have not been entered into the Election Committee spreadsheet.  

Milwaukee is the area where Clinton is likely to pick up the most votes, so there is still some hope for Clinton supporters that the recount will swing the state in her direction. 

While the recount did find a smattering of errors such as absentee ballots that were left uncounted in their certificate envelopes, human errors in regard to tallying, and rejected absentee ballots that should have been accepted, the total numbers are so low that they are not statistically significant.  

According to WITI, Julie Winkelhorst, one Ozaukee County clerk, said that she had been working 16-hour days since the recount began.  "We were here at 5 o`clock in the morning until 11 o`clock at night. Wasn`t time to really talk to anybody else. We had a lot to get done. It went very smoothly. We were very well organized. I guess it went exactly as I thought it did."

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a federal court is set to determine if a recount will take place in the state. A federal judge has ended the recount in Michigan, saying Stein had no standing to request one in the first place.  In Nevada, a partial recount requested by Independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente resulted in a difference of only 15 votes total for both Trump and Clinton.  

It seems, thus far, that the recount effort is unlikely to change the results of the election.

Sources: Heavy, WITI / Photo credit: WITI

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