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Jill Stanek on Pro-Life Martyr Jim Pouillon's Murder

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For 36 years, pro-aborts have engaged in a risky public-relations campaign to detract from their mounting preborn baby body count.

It is pro-lifers, not pro-aborts, who are violent, they have said. While collectively and openly advancing the abortions of over 50 million children, they have held up as evidence six unbalanced people calling themselves pro-life, but repudiated by the pro-life community, who have aborted eight abortionworkers.

Totally illogical, but nevertheless, with liberal media and political support, the accusation has stuck.

Not that I've ever minded. Having such a reputation has brought me closer than anything else to knowing how Hell's Angels must feel when walking into a bar, which is kind of cool, even as I laugh at the absurdity of pro-lifers metaphorically dressed in biker leather.

But with the murder of pro-lifer Jim Pouillon on Sept. 11, that particular debate between pro-lifers and pro-aborts changed. Their post-born killing slate is no longer clean. It was only a matter of time.

I hesitate to discuss Jim's death in purely pragmatic terms. If I were to be killed for my pro-life convictions, I'm sure it would hurt my family to read the ridiculous and cruel comments by pro-aborts as we argued about me on the Internet as if I were just a debate topic, not a real person.

Then again, maybe not. My family knows I wear slurs as a badge of honor. I get a kick out of most of them, actually. I hope Jim's family sees it that way – more jewels in a dazzling crown as he assumes a place of prominence in heaven with the other martyrs.

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Jim was "controversial," the press and pro-aborts say, because he held signs of aborted babies.

Oh yeah, we say, and George Tiller wasn't? What's more "controversial" – aborting babies or showing pictures of aborted babies?

Harlan Drake allegedly killed another man the same morning he killed Jim for a totally unrelated reason, they say, as if to dilute the magnitude of Jim's murder.

Oh yeah, we say, and what about Eric Rudolph, who not only killed two abortion workers in a Birmingham clinic firebombing but also planted bombs at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta and the Otherside Lounge, a lesbian bar?

Blah, blah, blah. It will never end.

But Jim's life here on earth did. I never knew Jim, but reading about him was like reading the story of a thousand other activist pro-lifers I have met through the years. Good people, salt of the earth, often a rag-tag bunch that smart people of the world look down on. The world is not worthy of them, to borrow from Hebrews 11:38.

According to one activist, "Jim was a selfless, soft-spoken, kind-hearted man. All who knew him, knew this." The Detroit News reported:

"I've been alongside Jim Pouillon when people threw things and told him they were going to kill him," said Cal Zastrow, chairman of Michigan Citizens for Lif...

"I've seen Jim respond to threats by smiling and looking to the sky to say, 'Thank you, Jesus,'" Zastrow said Friday, struggling to restrain his emotions...

Pouillon's motivation, said Zastrow, was his sense that it was his Christian duty to show people what he believed was the unpleasant truth being ignored about abortion.

Valerie Potter, mother of a 17-year-old student, had seen the displays this week and felt they were inappropriate in front the high and middle schools.

"I shouted out the window at him and told him he (isn't a woman) so he can't complain," said Potter, who added that she now feels bad about venting her displeasure.

Whatever, she'll have to live with that.

Jim was 63. He retired from General Motors 20 years ago but had worked full-time since for the pro-life cause. To do that he needed a portable oxygen tank and leg braces. Jim was a helpless man.

In many ways Jim epitomized the sort of person the other side likes to pick off.

Rest in peace, dear Jim Pouillon.


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