Jewish Group Z Street Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against IRS

Yet another group has come forward in recent days claiming to have been unfairly targeted by the IRS in recent years.

As noted by The Blaze, Z Street, a Jewish educational group, has filed a lawsuit against the IRS for “viewpoint discrimination” that occurred during the group's 2009 application for 501c(3) status. Z street claims the IRS said their application processing was delayed over concerns that group may have been funding terrorism in Israel.

Yesterday, Z Street president Lori Lowenthal Marcus appeared on the Fox News program “On the Record” with Greta Van Sustern.

“After we filed our lawsuit, the IRS began having several different positions on why it was taking so long, one of which was because terrorism happens in Israel,” Marcus said. “Therefore, they had to look into our organization, because they thought we might be funding terrorism.  We are a purely educational entity.  We didn’t fund anybody; we barely funded ourselves!”

Van Sustern asked Marcus if her group or anyone affiliated with it had ever been connected to any terrorist efforts, she replied with an emphatic “No!”

The group filed their discrimination lawsuit in 2010 after their lawyer was told by the IRS that some groups connected to Israel receive special attention in order to determine whether the group uses funding for causes that conflict American interests.

Apparently, the targeting of Israel-connected groups stems from an IRS unit called the “Touch and Go” (TAG) group. TAG was tasked with weeding out applications from organizations that might be funding terrorism.

According to Salon, Z Street’s hearing date for their discrimination lawsuit is scheduled for July 2, 2013. The case will be heard in a District of Columbia federal court, and is titled “Z Street vs. IRS”.

Sadly, the Obama administration’s IRS is far from the first regime to target political opponents. In the last decade, the Bush administration targeted liberal groups in the same way, going after the NAACP and Greenpeace after they spoke out against Bush’s policies. This kind of targeting is completely unacceptable for anyone, but we must be fair and acknowledge that the Obama administration isn't the first to do it. 

Sources: The Blaze, Salon


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