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"Jesus Never Condemned Therapeutic Abortion," Says Catholic Group

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"Jesus never condemned therapeutic abortion?" - Say what?

So says the slogan spread by “Catholics” for Choice in Nicaragua and El Salvador to overturn laws in those countries restricting abortion.

This pro-abortion propaganda effort is in anticipation of what will be one of the most heavily attended U.N. conferences this year: The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a gathering of radical feminists, from all points on the globe, with so-called “reproductive rights” as its centerpiece.

Samantha Singson reports in C-Fam’s Friday Fax that groups like “Catholics” for Choice and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are circulating declarations to present to delegations who attend the event in New York on March 1-12. This so-called Catholic group demands “the immediate restitution of therapeutic abortion” in Nicaragua and, in El Salvador, “the restitution of law that guaranty therapeutic, ethical and eugenical [sic] abortion.”

Singson writes that this year’s CSW is particularly significant because it is the fifteenth anniversary of the Beijing Conference on Women where advocates tried, but failed, to establish an international “right” to abortion on demand. She reports that abortion is a matter of frequent debate among member states at this conference, where delegates attempt to sneak into conference documents ambiguous language that can later be used as a platform for such a right.

Against all odds, pro-life forces have defeated their efforts year in and year out. WWJD at the CSW? Maybe He’s been doing it all along.


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