Jesse Ventura Defends Private Bradley Manning (Video)

Former Navy SEAL, pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" where he and the host spoke about various topics, including the trial of Bradley Manning, who has been held in a U.S. military prison for over a year (video below).

"I think he is a necessary whistleblower. I mean when bad things happen, certainly we don't like to hear about them, but we certainly need to know about them," said Ventura.

Ventura then reminded Morgan about a video that Private Manning sent to WikiLeaks of a U.S. helicopter in Iraq killing several reporters from Reuters, notes Mediaite.com.

"The one thing I saw was the particular incident where a helicopter was apparently shooting at innocent people down in a street in Iraq. Those are serious things. I never bad mouth our military because I view many times that the military are victims also," added Ventura.

"...We went into [Iraq], overthrew their government and occupied them. I've never been in favor of that war from the moment they decided to do it because there wasn't one Iraqi involved in 911 at all."

As Ventura tried to contain his laughter, Morgan said that Private Manning should have reported the helicopter attack to the same U.S. military that was covering it up from the public.

"Private Manning should have gone to his commanding officer, said what he seen. If the commanding officer didn't do anything, then discharge himself from the Army and apply under Freedom of Information Act for certain details on what he'd seen," said Morgan.

Morgan also claimed that Private Manning may have put U.S. lives in danger by revealing secret documents, but the Pentagon debunked that claim way back in 2010, reported NBC News.

“If you’re seeing something that you deem to be murder, how do you sit on that?” asked Ventura.

Source: Mediaite.com and NBC News


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