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Jeff Sessions Pens 25-Page Memo Calling For GOP To Reject Obama's Immigration Reform

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Republican Senator Jeff Sessions wrote a 25-page memo urging the GOP to reject “an extreme policy of sustained mass immigration,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Sessions has been a longtime opponent of immigration reform, and has outwardly criticized President Obama’s recent executive actions. Calling Obama’s executive order an “emergency,” Sessions’ memo is encouraging Republican lawmakers to stop the action in its tracks.

“Congress has the power to stop this action by denying funds for its implementation,” Sessions wrote in the memo. “Surely, Congress must not allow the president a single dime to carry out an illegal order that Congress has rejected and which supplants the laws Congress has passed.” The document, according to Politico, also addresses what Sessions views as the economic consequences of Obama’s “executive amnesty.” 

Despite his attempts for support within his party, many Republicans hold slightly different views than Sessions when it comes to immigration. While the Alabama senator has called for limitations on the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter the U.S., other Republicans simply want to reform the current system in a way that allows more workers into the country.

“Simply put, we have more jobseekers than jobs,” Sessions said. “It is astonishing, therefore, that prominent members [of] Congress wish to see record immigration levels increased yet further.”

Obama administration officials earlier this week threatened to veto House Republicans’ immigration plan, saying that they would not support Republican efforts to thwart his executive actions.

“I urge the full Congress to pass this appropriation quickly, unburdened by any restrictions on our ability to pursue executive actions to fix our broken immigration system,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said. “In these times, this Department cannot function on a continuing resolution much longer.”

Sessions’ memo, which also included “polling on immigration policies and suggestions for messaging,” concluded with “three essential questions” posed to fellow Republicans. The final question attempted to sum up the immigration debate in a nutshell.

“Should American immigration laws serve the just interests of the country and its citizens?”

Sources: Politico, Washington Examiner / Photo Credit:, Wikipedia


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