Jeb Bush To Release Emails Ahead Of Possible 2016 Presidential Run


Jeb Bush announced that he will release all of his emails from when he was governor of Florida and write an ebook over the winter.

The former governor was interviewed by Local 10, a Miami news station, regarding his political career.

When asked if he has made his decision on running for President, Bush replied: “This is a really serious, life-changing decision, and I'm going to take my time. But I realize that at some point, into this year, early next year, I'll make a decision to really pursue this or to just stand down.”

When asked if he has a label, Bush had a quick response: “I am who I've been. I believe in reform when things are broken, and I believe in limited government, and I believe in liberty being the driver of a successful country.”

As for what can be done to help the country, Bush had much optimism about America: “This is the most spectacular time to be an American, and this is the most spectacular place to do big things. We should shake off this pessimism and start thinking again as Americans. Let's fix it and embrace it.”

The Washington Post expects his ebook to lay out arguments on issues such as education, immigration and the economy.

The release of his emails also takes a shot a Hillary Clinton, who has yet to release her documents from her tenure as Secretary of State. The Associated Press notes that some requests for the release go back four years.

As for Bush's chances against the Democrats, he has a good shot.

“I think he would be the toughest guy for us,” Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and past Democratic National Committee chairman, said in an interview Sunday. “He could raise a lot of money, and in a general election you have to be respectful that anything can happen ... He’s going to have a stance on immigration that is much more constructive than the one held by others in his party, and I don’t think he’ll back away.”

Some think these recent actions show Bush is testing the waters, seeing how the public will react to his work and his policies. Once released, if no controversy erupts, why not run? Others think he is poised to start his campaign.

“You're usually not taking these actions if you've decided AGAINST a presidential run, right? More than anything else, Jeb's moves are a signal to Republican donors and campaign staffers that he's going to probably run,” Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann wrote in an NBC News article.

Bush, the governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, lost his first campaign for governor in 1994 but won both in 1998 and 2002 easily, becoming Florida's first two-term Republican governor. Bloomberg reports that since leaving office, Bush has been “embarking on a whirlwind of deals, partnerships and advisory positions” to fulfill his desire to make money.

He commented on his recent endeavors: “In 2008 we started this business. We have made three investments. We are doing it with serious partners. We're creating jobs. We're expanding business. I'm not ashamed of that at all. I think that practical experience is something that might be useful in Washington D.C.”

This doesn't prove he won't run, but if he does, he will have to divest himself.

He has consistently said he will make his decision on if he is running for President “in short order.” 

Sources: Washington Post, Local 10, NBC News, Bloomberg, Associated Press / Photo Credit:Rollins College, Flickr Creative Commons


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