Jeb Bush Receives Criticism Over GOP Debate Performance (Video)


The first Republican presidential debate occurred Thursday night and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida is receiving criticism for his performance (video below).

The debate, hosted by Fox News, featured ten Republican presidential hopefuls: Businessman Donald Trump; Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin; former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas; Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida; Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky; Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey; Gov. John Kasich of Ohio; and Bush.

Bush’s performance was found to be tepid and uneven, lacking the confidence he has shown on the campaign trail in less formal settings, according to Yahoo News. The news outlet also noted that Bush stumbled over his words, did not display assertiveness, and failed to muster an aggressive offense.

Bush received a kinder review from TheUpshot, stating he merely “did not do well.”

Former senior adviser to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer told CNN that Bush was the loser of the night, going so far as to call him “uninspiring.”

“Jeb Bush. After several bad weeks, Jeb Bush could really have used a good night. He didn't have it,” Pfeiffer said. “Bush, like Huntsman in '12 and Dukakis in '88, seems to shrink under the klieg lights. He was nervous, halting, and just painfullyuninspiring. Politics in our polarized age is about motivation and Bush gave no indication that he could motivate anyone to get out of bed and vote on a rainy day in November.”

Bush received boos during the debate when the moderator said he was the only candidate on stage that supports education standards known as Common Core. Bush’s response is being touted as one of the best quotes of the night by The Telegraph.

"If we are going to compete in this world we're in today, there is no possible way we can do it with lowering expectations and dumbing down everything," Bush said "Children are going to suffer and families' hearts are going to be broken that their kids won't be able to get a job in the twenty-first century."

Bush had to field a tough question when moderator Megan Kelly asked him how he can look at the families of those who died in his “brother’s war” in Iraq and say the war was a mistake (video below).

“Knowing what we know now, with faulty intelligence and not having security be the first priority when we invaded it was a mistake,” Bush answered. “I wouldn’t have gone in. However, for the people that did lose their lives, and the families that suffer because of it, I know this full well, because as governor of the state of Florida, I called every one of them.

"Every one of them that I could find to tell them that I was praying for them. That I cared about them. And it was really hard to do. Every one of them said that their child did not die in vain.”

Going into the debate, Fox News was questioning whether Bush would aggressively challenge Trump to try and knock the candidate down. He only commented on Trump's tone, calling his language “divisive.”

Bush was asked whether it was true he told a donor recently that Trump is a “buffoon” and a “clown.”

“It’s not true,” Bush replied.

Trump responded by calling Bush a “true gentlemen.”

Sources: CNN, Yahoo News, The Upshot, Fox News, The Telegraph

Photo Source: Yahoo News, Fox News Screenshot


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