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Jeb Bush Defends Guns In New Ad, Walks Back Claim Of Charlton Heston Giving Him Rifle (Video)

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush released a pro-gun ad on Jan. 5 (video below).

Bush says in the ad that after a mass killing, the first reaction of the "President of the United Stated and Hillary Clinton is to take more rights away from law-abiding citizens. And frankly the protection of the Second Amendment keeps us safe and keeps us strong."

Bush made no mention that the U.S leads the world in both gun ownership and in mass shootings, all under the Second Amendment, according to a 2015 study released by the American Sociological Association.

Bush went on to say: "Law-abiding citizens that are trained to be able to protect themselves creates a safer America. There's evidence to this in every possible way, but it just reeks of common sense as well."

Bush did not cite any actual "evidence" to back up his assertion, and there is no national requirement that citizens must be trained in gun use.

BuzzFeed News reports that Bush frequently references a story in which he boasts about being named the National Rifle Association's Statesman of the Year, and how he was given a gun by the late actor Charlton Heston.

BuzzFeed fact-checked Bush's often-repeated statement, and found it was not true.

In response, Tim Miller, communications director for Bush's campaign, said:

"In recounting the story, Jeb was mistaken and conflated multiple events unintentionally. Heston met with Jeb at that NRA convention and was the head of the NRA at the time, but it was Kayne Robinson who presented Jeb with the rifle for being keynote speaker.

"Heston had previously said he supported Jeb’s reelection at a 2002 campaign event. Jeb was lauded by the NRA on multiple occasions for his Second Amendment record, including signing legislation that the NRA dubbed the 'Six Pack Of Freedom.' Jeb has a lifetime A+ rating from the NRA."

While he was governor of Florida, Bush signed the state's "Stand Your Ground" law that enabled George Zimmerman to beat a murder charge after killing an unarmed black teen, Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

Sources: Jeb Bush/YouTube, American Sociological Association via EurekAlert, BuzzFeed News / Photo credit: Screenshot

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