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Jeb Bush Argues With College Student About Her Undocumented Parents (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush got into a tense exchange with a "dreamer" student at the College of Southern Nevada in North Las Vegas on Oct. 21 during the Libre Initiative, an event financed by the billionaire Koch brothers (video below).

During a speech, Bush, a former Florida governor, said that Dream Act kids, who are children brought to the U.S. by their parents who are in the country illegally, should be allowed to earn their citizenship via military service and high school graduation, notes Fox 5 Vegas.

College student Dulce Valencia asked Bush afterwards about his policy for parents who do not have permission to be in the country, reports RawStory:

"I’m wondering why it’s OK for your wife, but not my parents? Why do you want to just give them 'legal status?' What do you mean by that? Why not a path to citizenship?"

Bush fired back: "My wife didn't come here illegally, that's the difference.”

Valencia told Bush he had not answered her question about her parents. Bush turned his back on her, but continued the exchange:

"I gave you my position. We talked about this before. I did. I answered it. I just did. I just answered it. I believe in a path to legalized status for ... because I don’t think with 11 million people we’ll be able to get the consensus needed."

Sources: RawStory, Fox 5 Vegas / Photo credit: Dulce Valencia/Facebook Screenshot


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