'He Can't Change The Law': Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Addresses Obama's Immigration Reform Plan (Video)


President Barack Obama and former White House press secretary Jay Carney always had a very close relationship. When the latter’s time in the administration ended and he joined CNN to become a political correspondent, it was assumed that he would follow in the lead of other former Obama Administration members like David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs – both of whom never miss an opportunity to praise their old boss.

That is why what happened yesterday came as such a surprise.

While appearing on CNN and offering his opinion on President Obama’s executive action to halt the deportation of roughly 5 million people, Carney acknowledged that Obama was "literally" doing what he promised he wouldn’t do.

“I think if he could have those words back, especially the first clip where he specifically talked about suspending deportations — that is literally what he is doing today,” Carney said. “In later instances, including when I was there, he would speak carefully about what he could not do as president. He can’t change the law. He can’t provide a path to citizenship.”

The positives and negatives of President Obama’s executive action can and will be debated in the coming weeks. However, there is no denying -- not even by his political allies -- that on Thursday evening he did exactly what he once pledged he would not do.

Sources: The BlazeWeekly Standard / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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